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Elle & Emmy

Bella Custom Birth Month Flower Tees

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Looking for a unique gift? Or maybe you just want a cute new tee for spring & summer. These customizable tees, with beautifully designed artwork, are absolutely perfect for everyone! Gift to mom, aunt, grandma for Mother's Day, get one for yourself with your kid's birth flowers, get one for yourself with your birth flower, we even have them in little sizes for you kids! Printed on our best-selling, ultra-soft, flattering, longer-length Bella tees, combined with these high-quality water-color style prints, are absolutely perfect. Have fun customizing!

STEP 1:  Choose your shirt color and size.

STEP 2:  Decide how many flowers you'd like.

STEP 3:  Choose your flowers (you can pick up to 6 flowers).

  • January: Snowdrops or Carnation
  • February: Violet or Iris
  • March: Jonquil or Daffodil
  • April: Sweat Pea or Daisy
  • May: Hawthorne or Lily of the Valley
  • June: Honeysuckle or Rose
  • July: Larkspur or Water Lily
  • August: Gladiolus or Poppy
  • October: Cosmos or Marigold
  • November: Chrysanthemum or Peony
  • December: Holly or Narcissus